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Alternative Treatment in Oregon


Substance addiction is a national problem and affects people living in all states including Oregon. Alternative treatment programs have become more standardized in recent years as many rehab centers use the alternative methods to treatment various individuals for substance use disorder. While one person may benefit the most from a traditional therapy, another person may find that a combination of alternative treatment and traditional treatment works best for them.


What is Alternative Treatment?

Alternative treatment refers to the programs that are considered non-traditional. Twelve-step programs, individual counseling, group therapy and family therapy are usually the methods used to treat patients but in recent years, more evidence points to the fact that many alternative therapy programs can be just as successful in certain cases. Some of the programs include music and art therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback and equine therapy. They can help people who struggle to talk about emotionally charged feelings or heal from deep trauma. When an alternative method of treatment is used with conventional methods of addiction treatment, a well-rounded treatment program is achieved.

The following explains what is involved with the various alternative methods for treating substance use disorder that are used in Oregon.


Chiropractic Care

This program is used to help with pain relief during withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and opiates among others. The pain that is felt in the joints and bones can be dealt with without the use of medication through this program which helps people who fear the return of pain after stopping their substance addiction.



Acupuncture treatment is a form of Eastern medicine in which thin needles are used in specific energy centers in the body to help alleviate pain, withdrawal symptoms, emotional issues and insomnia. A person who has become an addict often has an unbalanced life and through the help of acupuncture, balance can be restored to the person’s life. By unlocking a person’s natural chi flow (the energy that runs through a person’s body), the individual can feel more energized and happy with their day-to-day life.



This method of therapy makes use of machines to monitor a person’s feelings and emotions in real time. It can track when a person becomes overwhelmed so that new coping skills can be learned to deal with it as it happens. This helps to build an individual’s confidence as they learn to manage their feelings and how they physically respond to situations better.


 Art and Music Therapy

Art and music can be a way for a person to express feelings that are suppressed because they are too difficult to confront. Through forms of art such as singing, dancing, poetry, painting and sculpting, a person can explore their emotions to facilitate healing. A person is taught to use art and music as a way to unwind and distress. It can become an important part of their relapse prevention strategy with the customized music that can be listened to when stress levels become too high. Studying lyrics of songs in a therapeutic setting can bring about internal change and ultimately the person’s happiness with their own life.


Equine Therapy

This method of treatment involves the patient with animals such as dogs and horses in a therapeutic setting where healing can occur. A person is required to care for an animal, something other than themselves, which enables a bond to form between the animal and patient. It has been shown to help a person grow emotionally and heal them of their own issues. The person will feed, clean and play with the animal on a regular basis during the treatment and as they learn to properly take care of the animal, they learn how to take better care of themselves.

Alternative therapy in Oregon can get you back on your feet and on the road to sobriety. Call a treatment center today.